mostly for fun

I approach lots of things like they're projects. Projects are mostly lots of fun until it comes time to wrap up all the details. I don't like to wrap up details, so I try to bribe Deb to do it for me whenever possible. Mostly she's amenable, because she hates it when I don't wrap up details.

Here are some of the past, current, and future projects:

blue ribbon pursuits

Somewhere along the line, I got the bright idea that I could do an exhibit plot at the State Fair. It turns out that it's true, I can do it, and even do a good job of it, but at what cost? Crazy, insane amounts of time from myself and my wonderful family, that's what cost. Oh, and my health, but that's such a minor thing. I did, however, get a Really Big Ribbon, which I have always coveted. Now I have to figure out where to put it.

I like to make things. Crafty things. I just don't do it so much anymore. Now I subvert my craftiness into things like making crazy garden plots, but I used to do manageable stuff like make books. I like to pretend I have the time to be a Make Geek and do stuff like you find in Make, Instructables, and GRYNX.

future homemakers of america

Someday, we'll move into our new home at Pacifica. It's blue, and we'll have lots of cool neighbors. It'll be like where we live now, only more, and with woods. Except I'll have to get used to saying I live in Carrboro, and it's hard to change a lifetime of habit that way. Anyhow, even though we are not building our house, it's definitely a project. A Very Big Project.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time researching t-shirts for our search team's uniform. That led me to a company that will embroider your logo on items for a completely reasonable price and with a low minimum order... So now I am spending a lot of time planning what I'm going to get embroidered just for fun! "515 grams and growing" caps? "House of Five alum" tote bags? The possibilities are endless... Check it out yourself: Custom-embroidered logo shirts and apparel by Queensboro.

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