it doesn't always pay

Falling loosely under the title of work are various pursuits that aren't pursued entirely for entertainment value. Well, something like that. Here's how I spend my "working" hours:


I'm a personal coach working with adults with Attention Deficit Disorder, mostly by phone. When I tell people that, the most common response is, "oh, my {insert related person here} could use your help!" The most common response used to be "ADD... do you think it's real?" I'm sure people still question the reality of ADD, but maybe they've wised up that if I work specifically with it, I probably believe it's "real."

My coaching website was the first website I ever made, and I've never updated it. Kind of embarrassing, really, but it seems to serve its purpose fine.

I manage some rental property for my parents. I actually rather enjoy it, which surprises most people. I like my tenants, and I think most of my tenants like me.

search and rescue

Definitely not for pay. Long hours, absurd politics (why are communities of volunteers like that?), but you get to help people by being out in the woods with friends and dogs! Our search team recently reformed as a new team, and our website is one of the casualties of the change. Someday we'll have it up and running again, and you'll find Central NC Search and Rescue at

P.S. We are always looking for volunteers to get "lost" so our dogs can practice finding. We can probably even arrange for you to not have to sit in the woods if that's not your thing.

I mostly make websites for people because I like to. But sometimes I do it for pay, or trade (contact me if you're interested). Other than my work websites above, you can also find some of my web handiwork at the websites under people, and at the following:

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